Dental Veneers

stock-11Dental veneers are a valuable advancement in cosmetic dentistry. Dental veneers are thin tooth-colored shells that can cover up dozens of different smile imperfections. Veneers are durable pieces of porcelain that are adhered permanently to the teeth.

Some of the issues that porcelain veneers can resolve include:

Discoloration | Do you have a tooth that is discolored or stained? Discoloration can be distracting from the rest of your teeth, so disguise it with a dental veneer! A dental veneer will give the tooth a beautiful white color that blends in with the rest of your smile.

Chips or Cracks | If your tooth has become chipped or cracked, a dental veneer can restore its full and appealing aesthetic. The veneer will also strengthen the tooth and protect it against further damage.

Gaps between Teeth | Gaps can require a lot of treatment, but veneers might be a simpler solution. Dental veneers can be shaped to hide the gaps between your teeth.

Minor Misalignments | If your smile is suffering from slight crookedness, you may be able to skip the orthodontics. Veneers are known as “instant orthodontics” because they can fix minor misalignment issues.

Dental veneers are custom crafted for each patient to suit their unique needs. Our beautiful porcelain veneers will strengthen and improve your smile as a whole. They can last for ten years or more with proper at-home care.

If you’re interested in changing your smile with porcelain veneers, call us to schedule a consultation today. Dr. Merica will assess your needs and create impressions of your teeth. The lab will fashion your custom-fit veneers and then Dr. Merica will seal them to your teeth. All you have to do is maintain good brushing and flossing habits while enjoying your gorgeous smile!

Don’t wait until tomorrow to improve your smile. Call us today at Merica Family Dental in Cabool to set up your consultation!