Root Canals

87Before modern dentistry advancements, dentists always extracted infected teeth. Today, we can save our patients’ natural teeth even if they are deeply infected. Root canal therapy can restore the function and appearance of your tooth. A root canal can also restore your comfort and wellbeing!

How does a tooth become infected? Your tooth may become infected when bacteria leaks through a crack in the tooth. The bacteria can reach the pulp, which is the soft inside of the tooth. The pulp contains sensitive nerves, blood vessels, and tissues.

During root canal therapy, one of our team members will remove the infected pulp from the tooth. They will clean out the root canals and then fill the tooth with a rubbery material. Lastly, they will restore your tooth with a protective filling or dental crown.

Symptoms of an Infected Tooth

Watch for the following symptoms to determine if root canal therapy might be right for you.

Sensitivity | Heightened tooth sensitivity may be a warning sign of an infected tooth. If you are experiencing intense tooth sensitivity to temperature, come in for an examination.

Swelling | Are you experiencing swelling around your tooth? You may be combating a tooth infection. Come see Dr. Merica right away.

Abscess | If you see that an abscess is forming around the base of your tooth, you may need a root canal.

Severe Toothache | Do you have a toothache that is persistent and painful? Your teeth may be trying to tell you that a root canal is in order. See Dr. Merica to determine if a tooth is infected.

Our experienced doctor and team understand how to make a root canal a positive experience. Your treatment truly can be comfortable, pleasant, and worthwhile!

Root canals will fortify and beautify your damaged tooth. Protect your smile by giving us a call today! We would love to serve you at Merica Family Dental.